Friday, April 13, 2012


Birdy -1901


Falling, falling, falling, falling
Falling, falling, falling, falling
Girlfriend, you know your girlfriend drifting away
Past and present, 1855 1901
Watch them build up a material tower
Think it's not gonna stay, anyway, think it's overrated
For a minute, throught I couldn't tell how to fall out

Difficult to understand d meaning of the song just by reading the lyrics..
Seriously, its really a reality in some lovers life..

& it might also happen on you as well..
Sometime, stuff that we do mind, we just never confess the truth towards our lover..
So as them... 
Sometimes its not like we don't care... 
Or we doesn't realize whats going on between...
Its all link to, worry it might bring effect on the relationship... 
Or worry it might hurt their feelings.. 
Or stressing them out..
In this world, there's none a single person was born perfectly, everyone knew that very well..
But why we still expecting our lover to understand us, to be a perfect lover??
YA!! Things can be perfect, but not by self perfecting...
How a relationship is been made to be perfect, is what your partner/lover trying their best to perfecting you, bit by bit.
Therese no way you expecting them to fully understand you... Your Personality, Attitude, Behavior...

& as we grow up each day, month, year.. 
Our demand are increasing... 

From what I notice.. 
Teenager seeking for True Love
Young Adult seeking for True Love, & Profits
Adult seeking for True Love, Profits & Asset

Every year depreciation are happening...
Cost of living are increasing...

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Relationship, usually people gonna think its about Couple relationship...
But its ain't gonna about Couple stuff...
Its about the whole picture of relationship... 
Family relationship, Friends relationship, & included Couple relationships..

Relationship its like a vase..
First its perfectly made or even created... With all d nice & beautiful touches around the vase..
& Every relationships there's ups & downs the will definitely accrued in their life time, its only matters on When and How..

Once a vase was broken, its hard to fit it back on, with all those broken pieces around..
Without effort or the wiliness to do so, there's no way its gonna be heal back as its use to be...
Time will also been taken place, for all thoes healing process... Depends on the scare its been made..
& Some people felt its no points to fit it back, since its surely gonna be a lots of scare around it..
Its not gonna be perfect as its use to be..
Things for sure can be looked as the way it was during the first time..
As long you don't mind about the scare, things will be as O.K as it was..
All we have to do is, forgive... 
Well, people always said so, FORGET & MOVE on..
For me in the other hand, Its cruel to be that way...
& its always happens on couple.. After the breaking up , both went spiting ways... 

So the point is, What the hell on earth, we wanna create ENEMIES / HATERS around us...
Just be an Easy Going Person... 
Yup, That's my personality...
No matter how shit the person treat me, I'll still forgive the person..
Because, its always just a miscommunication / misunderstanding..
Therese always a very valid reason inside us, that we never had a change to say it out..
Sadly, its happen around us...
We were so deniable..  

Friday, April 6, 2012

(My Cooking)

My another Dish, Cooked by Chef  Aaron =D
Last week actually, Date?????? Forget jor...
But who cares about d Date!!! Right...

Well seriously, its really funny during d cooking process...
Cant really describe the situation in here...
Just don't know how to describe...

&... I got a good feedback from my family..
But dun know whether they're telling d truth or not jek...
Worry it hurt my feeling gua...=D

Thats all...... for this "CRAPS"

Monday, March 5, 2012

(Kei Tak Sek Dessert House)

 记得食 Dessert House, SS2, Petaling Jaya
This place rich with delicious food..
Bring my sister to try out this Dessert House

Another dessert that I miss so much is this "Mango Loh" -RM6
Its not fully Ice Blended..
In it have this Mango slice in cube size..
On top was cover with Blended Mango..
Very Yummy... & can feel the freshness of the mango..

Theres still lots of dessert to try out over SS2, PJ area... & that's what I gonna do... ^^
Dessert Freaker..
1. UFO Dessert & Drinks
2. Tim Pan Go Go
3. Isenbin

DB Longan Tee - RM5
This also not bad... ^^

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Had a quick hang out with one of my close friend actually..  2 & a half years friends
After almost 9 months ++ didn't met up..
She really had me surprise, inviting me out.. At the first moment, I actually tough that she sent the text message wrongly...

She look phenomenal & gorgeous.. 
& the personality are still d same old Ah Po, never change... ^.< 
Very easy going & sincere person.. 
Ain't like some others, keep on twist n fold around.. 
Its nice talking to her, even thought its kinda awkward a little bit.. 
For sure, cos its been quite sometimes never met each others..
But things went pretty well.. =D

Very nice conversation.. ^^
Really deeply appreciate it..
Keep in touch...
& Sorry for something... =)

So about OverTime...
My first impression on this pub was, Its look relaxing base on the atmosphere, environment & so as the decoration...
But that there's one problem in this pub..
The waiter don't really understand whats in the menu...  Its very important for a waiter or waitress to understand every dishes or drinks in the menu..
I really don't know what to order, so I just order a Tiger Beer..
So as my friend... ^^

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(Miss It)

Really Miss it so much...
Its so delecious & teasty..
Wanna eat it so badly... But to enjoy this kind of dessert, its nice to have some one dining along with..
Yummy.... =D

Monday, February 13, 2012

Malacca Trip

Went for a trip to Malacca, 2D1N trip with my 3 buddies..
Sad thing is, I'm d driver..
Damn tiring.... Spend hours looking on d boring road...
We stay over night at this Motel, some call it Guest House..
"River One Guest House" * 2 Star Motel
The pricing rate were really cheap, for sure.. Compare to those Named Hotel..
Really worthy, RM148 for Family Suit.. inside has 1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed...
The room doesn't have TV but do have PC.. That's SHOCKING.. When we 1st entered d room.. O.o
So after we checked in..
We went to Nadeje Cake House.. Know as Malacca most famous layer cake..
RM9.50-RM9.90 per slide 

There's lots of lots of layer... taste sweet & soft...                      
Total spend RM99.90 ( 6 Different flavors, 2 Snack Plate & 4 individual Drinks)

Next destination was Malacca Mega Mall.
Really lots of stuff in it, U can buy lots of loving items over there...
Spend 2 hours walking around...
Came out with empty handed... hehe...

After done shopping, we head back to Motel, took a rest, so on & so forth..
7pm, we walk to Jonker Street.. Took about 2 minute walking distance..
That street was fully peak with ppl.. OMG!!!

After walking around we bought some sorvenier & some Nyonya Cookies..

Then we head on to this Cafe, also Famous in Malacca..
"Geographer Cafe"
Love their Nyonya Curry Rice, Its so indescribable.. Miss it!!!

The Next morning, we slept till 11am... hehe.. 
Too tired...
After done checking out...
We went to this bicycle renting shop.. 
RM10 per bike, Duration is 1 day time..
Really worth to rent..

Next stop was, the "Famous Chicken Rice Ball"..
Located at Jonker Street as well.. 
Total cost : RM30.30

Lastly & d last destination was Famous "Nancy's Kitchen" 
(Traditional Nyonya Food)

Very Quiet Life...
(Who's the Girl that gonna Light Up my Life)

Friday, February 3, 2012

(Feel Free To Read)

Its been quite awhile since my last update, on this boring, empty blog of mine...
Busy life working while studying...
Anyway, I just fired my boss last month... =D
Quit that job duel on it bring muscle & back pain to my body... 
Suffering all those pain for 7 months.. Not bad huh??? 
What to do "Ku Li" life!!!

CNY just over... All the Big Big gathering & reunion with family members & relative had finally over... 
Honestly speaking, I really don't felt the spirit of celebrating CNY this year.. 
I, my self also don't  know why... Why hah?? Humm... ^.< ???
This year ang pau also not much.. Just received ang pau from my dad's side, "TING Family"..
Well from the "CHAN Family", They couldn't celebrate CNY for 3 years, because my Grandma had just pass away, 3 days before CNY.. Really miss her so much.. She's a great & strong grandma..

Well, about spending on CNY, This year I don't really spend a single thing.. 
No new cloths, No new shoes, so on and so forth..
I only spend most of my money on family...
Bring them for dinner paid for the house items, bring mum to shop for CNY stuff..
Earning money was never easy in reality life.. "You Work Like Shit, You Get Paid Like Shit"
But buy/purchase my own stuff, its an extremely difficult choice for me to decide, whether to BUY or NOT TO BUY... Always bear in mind " Buy stuff that are NECESSARY"

After getting my salary & bonus, I when for tires service.. 
& it cost me RM440 for 3 tires "Sime Tire" Model: Astar 100
Trust me, my heart damn pain...
But its time to change a new one, duel on safeness..
On the 6-7 /Feb, I also plan to had a 2D1N trip to Malacca, with my buddies...  
So its a wist decision to get my car tires check..

Valentine is coming soon... 
Everyone keep posting about valentine in this social network so call "Facebook"..
Well not everyone lah... Most of them... =D
Relationship... I already being in this status, so call "SINGLE" for 7 months...
Hum... Things when pretty perfect...
Freedom, for sure...
But be in a relationship its different... 
Because friends, they ain't going to be there for you all the time..
Its like, They got their life, I got mine life..
Sometimes, I do felt wanna be in a relationship again..
But no target for now...
I'm a nice guys... I compromise all the time... 
Just hope could find someone that really understand me.. 
Really loyal to me... I'm a very loyal person.. Even thought its a long distant relationship..
But why.........
I don't expect much, just a true love, a girl that simple & natural beauty... Dun have to make up...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

(Not Very Impressive Result)

<<4 Semesters Result>>

Financial Accounting 1: A
Information to Technology: B+
Introduction to Business: B+
Principal of Marketing: B+
General Language Training: B
Academic English: B
Moral: B
Business Mathematics: B-
Malaysian Studies: B-
Macroeconomics: B-
Introduction to Management: C+
Business Statistics: C
Cost Accounting: C
Introduction to Financial: F

"Currently Retake Introduction to Financial"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

(Say Hello To Goodbye)

Hey there stranger, how you been
Feels like I'm standing on the outside looking in
At the mess we left behind
And it's a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line

I know I'm going to miss you
I'll forget it and let it go.

Say hello to goodbye, cause it's gone forever
No more try, you and I
Not now, not ever
And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
Cause, that was there and only then.
Say hello to goodbye

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(Build It Back)

My Biceps Muscle....
Start to build it back... ^^
Hope it will give more strength on my smashing...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(My Feeling Came Back)

Travel all d way up to KL, Setapak... 
Just to play Badminton with my badminton kakis..
Since all of them r TARC students, So its more convenience for them played around that district..
Played quite many sets, Do have won & loss, But d main purpose I play was actually trying to gain back my feeling on badminton... D Smashing Feels, So on & so forth...
Anyway, I do manage to over come it already... ^^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(My Current Life)

Its been quite awhile since my last update this blog...
Every single things in my life went pretty awful lately...
Currently working as a KULI part timer at "Chinese Prayer Shop" Hokkien called it " Kim Zua Tiam"
Its kinda sucks working at there, Honestly.. But its d only job that suit my timing...
Recently, I been gambling, try my luck to hit the Toto Jackpot... It ain't easy, but who knows maybe I might got lucky... =D
I'm no longer a badminton fans or kakis, Since I started to played like shit since the past 4 months...

About Love, Hummmm~~~
I'm kinda fed up about love...
The only ppl I love is, My family & Buddies...

My life SUCKS, But what to do, I still hv to face it...
Nothing is perfect in this world, there's no easy way or short cut in life..

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

YEH!!!!!! 1st - 3rd Sem Result

Financial Accounting 1: A
Information to Technology: B+
Introduction to Business: B+
Principal of Marketing: B+
Academic English: B
Moral: B
General Language Training: B
Microeconomic: B
Malaysian Studies: B-
Introduction to Management: C+
Cost Accounting: C
Introduction to Financial: F

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Will be away for a couple days!!
Maybe Months!!! Maybe Years!!!

Badminton Kakis, Scout Members, & My Lovely & Caring Buddies.
Wanna contact Me, Kindly text me if theres any urgent..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Mistake Mistake Mistake on Badminton)

Today played like shit only...
Keep doing mistake...
Double played 4-5 sets, but only won 1 set..
But for Single, I done pretty well, played 2 set, 2 set also won..
1st Set (21-19)
2nd Set (21-18)

Its interesting that everyone has their own skill..
Different playing tactics, & strategics..
For me, I'm those player that played more on offensive, 
No matter theres any high ball, I'll smash it down.
I'll never played drop shot...
Makes the game more INTERESTING & EXCITING...
With the hitting sound***

In the picture:
Racket with red string,
Brand: Fleet
Model: Profassional 7000
String: Yonex BG-65Ti
Max Tension: 36lbs (Currently strung at 28lbs)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Would you dance if I asked you to dance? 
Would you run and never look back 

Would you cry if you saw me crying 
Would you save my soul tonight? 

Would you tremble if I touched your lips? 
Would you laugh oh please tell me these 
Now would you die for the one you love? 
Hold me in your arms tonight?

The month Of APRIL... 
Where everything falls apart..
This years April, I felt frustrated and exhausted, stressful, sick & tired...
29/4/2011 - Kind a bad day, duel to hving classes at 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
During that day still hv to present, what to do? Individual Presentation..
Birthday Nah!!! Not very typical care about birthday. 
Cos its the same every year.. 
Even thought ppl said 1 year once...
The only thing I'm concern about is, Things changes..
No matter environment or things around me..
& I hate changes.. Changes could bring SADNESS, & HAPPINESS..
Heart changes, Feeling changes, Taste Changes....
Humans characteristic changes & maybe my own characteristic change..
As times goes on, I really prefer my previous life style.. between the year 2009-2010..
Mind full with joyful moment...
I'm no longer interact with others, no longer smile all the time..
Play very serious role nowadays...
Really trying to be like old days, love to SMS, here & there...
Chat all kind of nonsense...
But theres still a gap between that... "A Very thick Gap"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

(New Racket)

New member enter my badminton FAMILY!!!
I bought this new racket not because of, any of my current racket broken...
Its just I'm trying to get a different kind or type of racket...
Theres different kind of racket, Some are for Offensive Player & Defensive Player.. Racket even have Heavy Headed, Light Headed, Equal Balance..
Tension Level there are totally in different level, from 20lbs up to 30lbs+..
What is Tension??
Tension is "How hard/tight is ur string been pulled/strung".
The harder is goes, the more energy u need to putting out when hitting a shuttle, this duel to the less flexibility on ur string when its at high tension... at tension of 27lbs, u will start to felt difficulty of hitting the shuttle...

But if u do have power/energy, ur smashing will be perfect, DAMN NICE...
In the other hand, What kind of String, also played a very important thing in badminton racket..
String came in many kind of brand and Function, e.g High Repulsion, High Durability, & High Hitting Sound.. Base on mm: 0.65mm, 0.66mm, 0.67mm, 0.68mm, 0.69mm & 0.70mm

"My New Racket Details"
Brand: Impact "Super Power 8"
Color: Blue & Silver
Tension: Up to 30lbs (Currently stung at 32lbs)
String: Yonex BG-6 "0.66mm"
Racket Type: Heavy Headed

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(RSL Shuttle)

Finally I do bought this RSL Shuttle " RSL Classic Tourney"..
It cost RM54 per dozen...
The shuttle are almost similar as others, their feather doesn't last long after 1 or 2 set, in a aggressive match..
But its speed were really constant comparing to some other shuttle brand..
Hitting Sound Damn Nice, U can actually hear a very clear Hitting Sound that goes "BANG BANG BANG"

(My Rate on Shuttle Brand)
Tried be4:
-SeaLion C1130 (4/10)
-SeaLion Gold (7/10)
-RSL Tourney No.1 (7/10)
-RSL Classic  (8/10)
-RSL Silver (5/10)
-RSL Official (4/10
-Yonex 03 (4/10)
-Yonex 10 (5/10)
-Yonex 30 (8/10)
-RCL Gold (8/10)
-RCL Titanium (6/10)
-Protech Masterpice (8/10)
-King (1/10)

Looking forward to try, "Protech Platinum Edition", "Yonex 40" &amp; "Yonex 50"

Protech Platinum Edition - RM70+


 Yonex AS40 - RM80+

Yonex AS50 - RM90+

(Bought New HandPhone)

Just bought new HP..
This time I decided change to Samsung Phone...
Phone Model is "Samsung Galaxy Ace" that has 800MHz in it..
Well camera only 5.0 MP..
In the box comes in with 2 cover, black & white...
Bought this phone at price of RM1050...
Just been release in the market about 3 weeks +..
Not bad, the Function almost similar as iPhone..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(Badminton Session)

Today played badminton as usual...
At Eng Ann Court..
From 2pm to 5pm..

Well today lose to 1 of my friend..
That just started playing for 3 month +..
Nah.. Actually I let him won the game..
Duel to, he bring his GF to actually watched him playing...
So comment sense, I'll let him win the game... "Put Water"
If not I guess he will be pretty back far behind from my point..
Point (24-22)
I'm not underestimate him, but just try to keep his reputation in front of his GF..